I have posted a picture of this car before; it is from the Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson auction in January of this year. It is nominally a 1966 Corvette, but it just looks like a ’66 Vette and not even completely at that given the stinger hood. This car has a modern LS3 engine with a 4L65E automatic transmission and power disc brakes. Let’s put aside, for the moment, the fact that I think this is the best-looking and most desirable American car ever. Let’s focus on what it is: a restomod.

In case you don’t know (or even if you do), a restomod is a vehicle that has been restored with modern components instead of stock. Ten or fifteen years ago, restomodding was considered a sacrilege by most car collectors. Fast forward to the present and well-done restomods can actually sell for more than original cars. This car hammered for $100,000. According to “expert” valuation company Hagerty, a concours quality 1966 Corvette coupe with the L79 327 cubic-inch engine (the more powerful of the two 327 engines offered that year) is worth about $88,000. The same car in excellent condition is worth about $67,000.

If I own a car it is for the purpose of driving, even if it’s just 3,000-ish miles a year. If I’m going to drive it, then I want it safe and reliable. This is 2018. I do not want to drive a car with a carburetor or drum brakes or points-based ignition.

I, like everyone else who has ever lived, do not have a monopoly on truth and wisdom. My preference, albeit very strong preference, for restomods is my opinion. I understand the allure of a car restored to original condition. However, I wouldn’t want to own one.

What do you think?

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