Monday Musings

Malaise = a vague sense of mental ill-being (Webster)

I didn’t really have anything to write about specifically today, but began thinking about the general state of affairs. Being a typical living being, I can really only see the world from my eyes. Although I am married to the greatest person in the world, my life has big holes in it. I am bored and unfulfilled. Although I am not exactly lacking in ability, I lack the credentials that today’s society deem as “intelligent.” I don’t have a STEM degree, I don’t have a Ph.D., I don’t have an Ivy League degree, I am not famous and I am way over 40. In this country where credentialism has run amok and age discrimination is de facto legal, I am considered to be obsolete. Perception is reality even if it isn’t.

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From a picture of a “last generation” Avanti convertible. I think these are an excellent interpretation of the original design. I discovered today that an Indian company, DC Design, has been building a car called the DC Avanti for about five years. I don’t know if the company legally acquired the rights to the name or if that was even necessary given the way the last company to build an Avanti in the US met its demise (its owner was arrested and convicted of securities fraud).

As I have written before, I don’t really know why we have the interests we have and I’m not sure it matters why. Right now in my life, automobiles are my number one interest and help me get through my malaise. Some people only have malaise.

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  1. I had not heard of the DC Avanti … I’m off now to see what I can learn about this!

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    1. Thanks, 56packardman! Feel free to stop by anytime and I (and my readers) will do the same.


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