OK, what do I drive?

That is my 2009 BMW Z4. I bought it in May, 2016 and, I believe, I am the second owner. When the car is running without any warning bells, it’s great, but I have had to spend A LOT of money in maintenance. Would you believe $2,600 just to fix two transmission leaks?

As the child of Holocaust survivors (crawl back under your rocks, deniers, it did happen) I had misgivings about buying a German car. I will NEVER own a Volkswagen or any other vehicle related to that company. Maybe my difficulties are bad karma; I don’t really believe that, but I can see people making the connection.

The car is no longer stock. The most significant upgrade is a Dinan Stage 2 performance modification. Dinan claims that stage creates 74 additional HP and 101 additional LB-FT of torque. The car wasn’t slow to begin with as its stock rating was 300 HP/300 LB-FT and only weighs 3,400-ish pounds. I do notice a marked difference when I give the throttle a love tap with my right foot.

What do you drive?

2 thoughts on “OK, what do I drive?

  1. Is it a F.I.I.T situation-fix it again Tony? Or are your costs the costs of admission? Do you think you are done and can now enjoy your baby? My gf has a Saab 9/3 convertible which has been a rock solid daily driver for her.


    1. Every time I have to have a major repair I think that’s the last one and, so far, I have been wrong every time. One thing is clear, though: the previous owner did not take care of the car. After one service the mechanic asked me if I parked the car outside. I said that the car was garage kept. He said the heater box was filled with leaves. Many people do not understand that a car must be well maintained.


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