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From a picture of the Cadillac Elmiraj concept car. As far as I know, GM/Cadillac have no plans to produce this car. WHY NOT?! I detest America’s race to the bottom, the search for the lowest common denominator. I have always opined that the one area where US auto companies have usually fallen down compared to European companies is in styling. This car demonstrates the ability to produce world-class styling. Another picture, this one from Cadillac’s website:

Elmiraj Side View

In 1960, 44 percent of US households were married couples with children while 30 percent were married couples without children. Fast forward fifty years to 2010 and only 20 percent (!) of US households were married couples with children while 28 percent were married without. The US has more “empty nest” couples than married with children, so why aren’t more non-SUV’s and non pickup trucks being sold? I could be wrong, of course, but I can’t imagine with the wealth in this country (7 percent of all US households have a net worth of $1,000,000 or more, the number of US households with $25,000,000+ net worth has grown 73 percent since 2008) and all of the empty nest households that there wouldn’t be a demand for a car like this.

Build this car!



5 thoughts on “Build This Car!

  1. We’re empty nesters… she drives a CR-V, I drive a big ole Suburban… I’m a big guy… both are considered SUVs, I guess. When I see Cadillac, I think of my dad’s car… he had a slew of ’em… most were Fleetwood Broughams… a ’55, ’58, ’64, ’68, ’71… I think in ’74 he bought his first new one…


  2. I was at Panera this morning. Looked out the window at my Malibu. Saw nearby car and thought it was also a Malibu. Too many cars look the same. Hyundai just stretches its car body style-Elantra begets Sonata begets Azerra.
    Do you remember the cars our high school teachers had? I believe there was an MG hatchback and a Jaguar. Car lust started early.


    1. I believe that there is room for all types of cars in a wealthy country of more than 300,000,000 people. That car “diversity” is lacking is sad, in my opinion.


  3. Here is a fantasy. Win the lottery. Donate $1 million in cars that need restoring to Vo-tech schools so kids can learn skills and develop car lust again.


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