Goodbye, KT

Kevin Towers, former General Manager of the San Diego Padres and the Arizona Diamondbacks, died yesterday at the age of 56 after a year-long battle with cancer. (Cancer sucks.) I worked with Kevin for four-plus years and, even though I was “foisted” upon him at first, he always treated me as a friend and valued colleague. Although I had known since last March that he was ill, the news of his passing is still quite sad.

The person kneeling front and center is Kevin Towers. One of the other three people in the photo is me. This picture was taken in the visitors clubhouse at Dodger Stadium after the Padres had clinched the 1996 NL West title.

98 Ring


This is a picture of my 1998 National League Championship ring. Kevin was the General Manager of that team.

Thanks and farewell, KT.

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