Happy Birthday, Wayne Gretzky

I am not a hockey fan, anymore, nor have I been for a long time. However, I was a big fan of Wayne Gretzky during his halcyon days with the Edmonton Oilers when he was setting crazy records and the team was winning Stanley Cups.

Gretzky was known as The Great One, implying he was at the absolute top of the hockey pyramid. What car would occupy that spot for you? In my previous blog I wrote a series of posts called Ultimate Garage where I listed my seven favorite cars of all time (you know, one for each day of the week). This blog is too new and the readership is not robust enough, yet, for me to do this here, I think. However, here is a picture of a car that merits consideration for the title “The Great One” for me:

See the source image

Photo from bestcarmag.com. This is a De Tomaso Longchamp, which would be on my very short list to be considered “The Great One.”


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Wayne Gretzky

  1. What do you think about the movement to recondition cars like these to be more “convenient” and more “daily drivers”? As a second car to be driven on the weekends, do I really care about mileage and/or reliability?


    1. Maurice,

      Many thanks for your comment and, more importantly, for being a loyal friend.

      I am a big believer that cars should be driven and not stored in hermetically sealed venues like the Mona Lisa. Your priorities are your own and yes, if you have a second car that is driven 2,000-4,000 miles a year, then those mix of priorities might change.


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